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Did someone say beach?

Immuno Elixir is a perfect companion for Australian summer and great to be consumed over holiday season. Why would you wait until colder weather and flu-season to start boosting your immune system?

We at Chaga Health Australia think it is perfectly normal to take bottle of Immuno Elixir with you where ever you may go. Beach, for example. Inside the ice-filled esky, of course!

Did you know that Chaga has the highest form of melanin on the planet. Melanin is the color of your skin that protects you from the sun. The concentrated melanin present in Chagas dark color protects its self from harmful UV rays and it gifts humans with the same protection when used.

Chaga also has tons of betulonic acid which is necessary for regeneration of skin, and healing of wounds.

So it makes a perfect sense to take your Immuno Elixir with you when going to the beach, right!?

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