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Meet the face behind the brand: SIIM

It all started when Siim was 12 years old. Being a huge fan of the nature, it was probably meant to be that his family lived next to a legendary beekeeper who taught Siim all the tricks of the trade. Not long after, Siim had his first beehives that kept him busy for a few years.

After graduating from high school, Siim started to locally buy forest berries and mushrooms and that evolved into an export business which supplied berries to pharmacology and food businesses in South-Korea, Japan and China.

Like many businesses, Chaga Health was born through a personal experience and need. Chaga mushroom came into the picture with the illness of Siims´ grandmother. Family was told that she is incurably ill and it is not possible to treat her. Getting ready to organize fare-well and funeral, Siim´s mother decided to try a herbal tincture (that among other herbs, included Chaga mushroom), regardless what doctors were saying. She delivered it into the hospital daily and secretly gave it to the grandmother. And the result? Their grandmother did live another 12 years!

It is interesting to know that 155 years ago, the first scientific research was made about Chaga mushroom by a scientist professor Johann Georg Noël Dragendorff in Tartu University (Estonia). 

We do have lot to relearn from the history and if we add science and modern technology into the equation, we all might benefit from the results tremendously, says Siim.

Siim founded Chaga Pty Ltd in 2014. He was soon joined by his aunt Anu Adermann, a former otorhinolaryngologist and ex-CEO of a medical company.  In August 2019 a new factory was opened in Tõrva, South of Estonia. The ‘red ribbon’ was cut in untraditional way by cutting the birch log.

Chaga Health is on personal terms with each Estonian farmer, forester and woodsman that helps us harvest our mushrooms, herbs, and honey. We take pride in full traceability: each ingredient we pick is traceable to its collection point.

There is a growing demand for a Chaga products around the world, that comes from the pristine Estonian forests, says Siim, and we are constantly working with our partners for R&D (BioCC in Estonia, Eurofins Scientific in Germany and Mycelia in Belgium) to scientifically confirm the qualities of the Chaga mushroom.

Whenever Siim comes to visit the factory in Tõrva, he always pays a visit to his childhood home. It is here, where it all started. And it is here, where it continues. Having a breakfast with his parents, and discussing world news, Siim knows that the same old chaga-based elixir recipe that has helped his family, will help so many other people around the world to gain stronger immune systems and better health in general. 

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