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Story of Estonian Chaga

Estonia is a small country of 4.5 million hectares, 1.3 million of which are organic forests. That’s where chaga mushrooms and Scots pine buds are hand-picked for our elixir. 

Tuhalaane farm, owned by Arvi Salujärv, is one of the oldest homesteads working with us. 

When harvesting chaga, Arvi only picks mushrooms that are at least five years old. Our picking areas in Viljandi, Põlva, Valga, and Võru counties are monitored by the Estonian Agricultural Registers and Information Board.

But what happens when we run out of chaga mushrooms?

Well, there is a solution - cultivation of chaga mushroom and that is exactly what Chaga Health is doing in Estonia.

If you have your own little forest, especially birch forest, then you have the opportunity to plant a Chaga mushroom.

It is possible to make Chaga mushroom grow using dowels. Furniture dowels that are sterilized in an autoclave and Chaga mushrooms that are sent from Estonia, are put on them to grow. That is, in a Belgian laboratory, mycelium has been created from it. 

All the forest owners have the opportunity to drill a small hole into a birch tree, put the dowel in it, and then after about three to five years, a knob starts to grow, and at one point, it can be taken off the tree and you can make an elixir of it or just a tea for yourself.

This method of planting has been used in Japan after the war since the 50´s, the Finnish have set up plantations since 2010 and since the end of 2019, first plantations have set up in Estonia as well.

And that is how we make sure there will always be a sufficient supply of Estonian Chaga mushroom.

See the full story here.

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