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Adrian Jannenga

Around 8 years ago I found something inside myself that I like to look at it as this switch. Maybe it’s willpower or just the drive to succeed. I literally switched on a whole new light inside myself of total understanding and inner balance.

Once I had started, I wanted to shine the light brighter and brighter, yet further and further in all areas of my life. Gaining momentum, it would be impossible not to keep on rising to the occasion each day.


It started with my fitness at first as I had dreamt from a very young age to become a professional athlete. Having been involved in a variety of sports, it wasn’t until I stumbled upon obstacle course racing at Spartan race which had been released the year before in Australia that I knew I had found my perfect fit. The drive and passion to succeed in the sport of obstacle course racing came naturally.


Fast forward to 2020, I was officially selected as part of the Spartan Pro team. At that moment I realised I had just fulfilled my childhood dream.


I then started searching on how I could become that little bit stronger overall. I like to look at it as biohacking. I’m forever researching into new products and ideas, which actually turn out to be many old products that are making a comeback again.

I also look into ways I can boost my energy, sleep better and recover faster - basically regain homeostasis within and enhance mental clarity - which sadly enough is easily suppressed in today’s fast-moving world with all that’s happening around us constantly.

Most recently I’ve included Chaga Elixir into my list of go to products I like to take daily. It was a no-brainer for me as it punches a powerful dose of many beneficial nutrients - exactly what I’m after to keep me on track and intact. My energy levels have been buzzing and my immune system is smiling.  I noticed my body bouncing back a lot quicker with my day to day heavy training blocks.


For me it’s not about a short-term fix or a special dose to boost you high up to only come crashing back down. It’s about the overall total balance that Chaga supports so you can shine that light outwards into the world with whatever you do and wherever you go. There is no better feeling other than feeling your best.