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Alexandra Almond

Alexandra is a passionate yogi, feminine embodiment teacher & business owner born & bred in Perth, Western Australia.

Anxiety & insomnia are something Alex remembers affecting her life from a very young age. Her struggles have led her to much self-enquiry and searching for a deeper understanding of health from an integrated perspective.  

She strongly believes & understands that our health needs to be looked at from a wholistic perspective, to understand that our body, mind & emotional health are profoundly interconnected.   



Alex was drawn to yoga as a teenager due to back problems, muscular tension & sleep issues. The practice of yoga impacted her in such a positive way that in her 20’s she became a yoga teacher and three years ago opened her own studio Yoga Sita in Bibra Lake WA.

She is extremely passionate about working with women and their emotional health. She helps women to re-connect to their bodies, to healthy emotional feeling, understanding & expression. A huge part of re-connecting to our bodies is learning to love them and respect them.

Alex is passionate about how our relationship to nature through the foods we choose to consume greatly impact all aspects of health. 


Alex was introduced to Chaga Immuno Elixir by a previous student of hers.

“I had heard of the benefits of chaga mushrooms, especially their relationship in helping with anxiety & nervous system health” Alex shares. It has only been since consistently taking Chaga Immuno Elixir at various times during the last few months that Alex has really felt the positive impact of this natural medicine.



Increased energy levels, motivation & far better sleep are the major impacts she has noticed from Chaga Immuno Elixir. “I feel a vibrancy for life that I have not felt in some time, I am so happy to have found this incredible product!”