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Aurora Gilbert

Aurora coaches clients and teaches workshops on implementing a more holistically balance lifestyle that involves delving into three main areas of life;

Mental health – connection, relationships, community, career, inspiration, fun

Physical health – sleep, fasting, water intake, nutrition, exercise/ physical movement, screentime, toxic load, strong focus on gut health

Spiritual health – mindfulness, meditation, breathwork

She is a strong believer in using food/nutrition to create optimal health and wellbeing alongside the importance of our mental, physical and spiritual health.

What, when and how we choose to eat or drink has a direct correlation to how we feel mentally and emotionally, energy levels, hormone and gut health, food cravings, sleep and so much more.


Since being introduced to Chaga Health’s Immuno Elixir Aurora has noticed a difference in how she handles stress, energy levels and immunity, she highly recommends it to her clients to support their own health too.

‘I was intrigued to try Immuno Health when I read the amazing ingredient’s list and especially because it has chaga in it.’

‘Chaga is a powerful adaptogen medicinal mushroom that helps our body deal with stress, it’s one of the most highest antioxidants rich food sources on the planet, which means it’s also fantastic for boosting our immune system, anti-ageing and overall health.

I use the Immuno Elixir when I am starting to feel a little run down or am dealing with more day to day stress in my life to support my body and mind in regeneration and healing.’