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Kent Mulligan

Kent is the founder of Melbourne-based men's hair product company Modern Pirate. This company is inspired by Australian barbering, tattoo and surf cultures and the people who surround them, Modern Pirate encapsulates a free and easy approach to individual style and expression through high quality Australian made haircare and lifestyle products. 2020 signals exciting times for Modern Pirate who is fast becoming one of the most sort after Australian brands in the Men’s Grooming space globally. 

Prior to Modern Pirate Kent was a chef for 20 years and also studied sports nutrition and personal training which lead him into more longevity and wellness based nutrition research and lifestyle practices. 
In 2017 Kent had a shock discovery - one of the main arteries to his heart was almost completely blocked—this is known as the widow maker. He was told he could have a heart attack at any time. The next morning, he was rushed into surgery and had a stent inserted through his wrist and up into the artery to open the blockage.
Despite the great medical care he received, Kent wanted to know more; he wanted answers as to how this happened and how he could avoid winding up in this situation again. He has had a deep, personal interest in health and wellness, so much so that he studied sports nutrition and was certified as a PT with Australian Institute of Fitness. He was also a chef for 20 years prior to starting his hair product company which taught him about ancestral nutrition and wellness practice.
Within four months of making changes to his lifestyle Kent´s cardiovascular blood and inflammation markers were almost completely reversed to the point his doctor didn’t believe this was possible without medication.
For something that was scary at the time it has impacted his life in an extremely positive way. Kent has a real apperception of his relationships, has developed a lot of knowledge around his own health and experienced huge self-growth.
Ultimately, he believes our personal health is our own responsibility and with some simple principles we can improve our health, increase vitality and look and feel great.
Meditation is one practice scientifically proven to increase brain derived neuro factor production along with exercise, learning new skills and also a type of cognitive and focus enhancing fungi called lion’s mane mushroom which is the foundation of his morning brew along with a number of other adaptogenic herbs including chaga mushroom and ashwagandha which counteract and balance the effects of stress in the body.