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Sarah Green

Sarah is a local circus artist and mental health advocate.

Having come from a background in elite gymnastics and athletics, Sarah has always been passionate about health and fitness.

She spent a lifetime at university studying anatomical and psychological sciences and public health, before “running away” with the circus. In 2016 she founded Perth-based arts and health business, Kaleido Company and has never looked back.

Performing arts can be both physically and mentally exhausting so she is incredibly conscious about what goes into her body.

“Chaga became a part of my daily routine after I found myself exhausted from intense training sessions or shows and I was looking for a healthier alternative to coffee. My caffeine intake drastically reduced and I found I had more sustained energy throughout the day.”

Chaga has the added benefit of reducing inflammation and boosting your immune system. Working in the arts can be extremely stressful and she is no stranger to anxiety surrounding performances or everyday life.