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Soni Jay Tarrant

Soni is a mother of 1, with another on the way! Soni grew up in a health conscious household, and her interest in all things health stemmed from there. Soni is a qualified beauty therapist, personal trainer, massage therapist and is a qualified precision nutrition coach.

Her approach to living a healthy life encompasses balance. Understanding nutrition and how the body responds to food has helped her find a way to have a beautiful healthy relationship with food.

Although it wasn't always this way. In her 20's Soni entered a lot of bikini modelling and body building competitions where your body (and only your body) was under the scrutiny of judges and their perception of you. Although many of these competitions were done with the help of a sports dietitian, the aftermath is an onslaught of unhealthy beliefs about your body. Soni struggled with binge eating in periods where she wasn't competing, and had to do a lot of inner work, study and self love to get herself out of this cycle.

She discovered the benefits of mushrooms through listening to health podcasts, and was wowed at all the ways mushrooms can benefit the body and mind.
















Finding Chaga Health was a pleasant surprise, as mushroom products were hard to come by in Australia. Soni and her husband take the immuno elixir daily and enjoy the energy it gives them to chase after their busy toddler.